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Here are the official dates that have been announced so far. There are more to come. Click the icon by each date to see more details about each show.

Also joining us is the High Street Drifters! Let us know if you’re coming on Facebook

Mysterytrain’s Pajama Jam
January 25-26, 2020
PPG Pavilion in Tipton PA

Pre-sale tickets $20
Ticket at the door $30

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.


If you have Facebook, let us know you’re coming.

What is the Pajama Jam?
We have bands, open jams, drumming, potluck dinners, play games and just simply hang out. It’s a great way to beat the Cabin Fever Blues. The PPG building has all we need. Stoves, refrigerators, bathrooms and plenty of sleeping space.

Call or Text: 814-502-0849

Band Time Schedule

  • High Street Drifters 2 – 3pm
  • Dee Maple Duo 3 – 4pm (side stage)
  • Nag Champions 4 – 5pm
  • CJ Oswald 5 – 6pm (side stage)
  • High Street Drifters 7 – 7:45pm
  • Mysterytrain 8 – 11pm (Dee Maple Duo side stage set break)
  • CJ Oswald 11 – midnight
  • Steal Your Face midnight – 3am (Dee Maple Duo side stage set break)

Camping inside… on the floor.
Free Vending… call ahead to reserve space 814-502-0849


A few details about the Pajama Jam:

Bring a plate, silverware, a cup etc. We will be serving food at times during the weekend.

There are separate men and ladies bathrooms.

The floor is ceramic tile. Sleeping bags provide some padding but an air mattress or some extra blankets help to soften the sleep.

The chairs at the venue are those ”hard-ass” metal ones so you may want to bring a comfy chair or bean bag for movies and relaxing.

If you are vending… you will need a small table and a small light. We like to keep the room as dark as possible so try to have a light that just shines down on your stuff.

Within 2 miles is a convenience store for gas, smokes, made-to-order food etc

Within 2 miles is a bar for 6 packs.

Within 3 miles is a motel.

Within 4 miles is a grocery stor

Details coming soon…

Details coming eventually… =)

Details coming….well…you know. =P