Gear & Tech

Technical Info for Stage Managers

Dan’s Gear

60th Anniversary Fender Stratocaster
1965 Re-Issue Fender Twin Reverb Amp
Stock speakers in the Twin Reverb were replaced with JBL E-120’s as of Jan 20, 2009
Sennheiser e945 Vocal Mic as of May 7,
Sennheiser MD421 II Amp Mic as of May 7,2009 retired in 2010.

Effects Chain in order
Straight from Guitar to Twin Reverb
Colorsound Wah Pedal > (as of September 20, 2011)
Dunlop High Gain Volume Pedal >
MXR Phase 100 (script logo) >
TS808 Tube Screamer >
Boss 7 Band Equalizer >
Boss DD7 Digital Delay >
To amp

Channel A
Mu-tron III >
Boss 7 Band Equalizer

Channel B
Boss GT-10 Effects Processor

Space Effects
Roland GR20 Guitar Synthesizer

Gina’s Gear

Nord Stage EX 76
Alesis 61 key Midi Controller
Roland KC-550 Keyboard Amp
700 Series Wurlitzer

Chuck’s Gear

Tama 7+ Piece Drumset
6+ Zildjan/Sabian Cymbals

Jacob’s Gear

LP Accents Armando Peraza Conga & Quinto
LP Giovanni Hidalgo Compact Bongos
Musser M-55 Vibraphone
LP Percussion Table
LP Jam Blocks, high/medium/piccolo
LP Blast Blocks, high/low
LP Black Beauty Cowbell
LP Vibra-Slap II Deluxe
Treeworks Studio Wind Chimes
Peruvian Gourd Quiro
Peruvian Ram’s Horn Quiro
Pearl Hex Ganza, long
RhythmTech Pro Tambourine
RhythmTech Trigger Triangle
RhythmTech Canz Shaker, hot salsa
Toca Coconut Shekere
Zildjian Finger Cymbals, thin

Gary’s Gear

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III

Dave’s PA System

Starground Concert Audio

APB Spectra-T VCA controlled 32 ch Console
2x APB ProMon monitor consoles 32x8stereo
8x Meyer MSL-4 narrow coverage loudspeakers
2x Meyer UPA-1P wide coverage loudspeakers
4x Meyer 650-R2 dual 18″ subwoofers
4x Meyer UPM-1 fronfill loudspeakers
2x Meyer UPM-1P Cue loudspeakers
4x Meyer UM-1P wedge monitors
2x Meyer USW-P dual 15″ Subwoofers
Meyer Galileo 6in 16out loudspeaker processor
Meyer SIM3 room/system measurement computer
Cisco N-Router Eithernet & WiFi
Apple iBook laptop with Meyer Compase Software
6x Channels of DBX 31 band EQ with Meyer SIM3 switcher
8x Compressor/De-Essor Channels of BSS 404
2x Compressor Channels of DBX 1064
16x Drum gate Channels of BSS 504
2x Roland DEP-5 digital stereo effects processors
50A 240V power distribution (California, range or tails)
2x Beyer M88, dynamic for bass drum
4x Sennheiser MD421 II, dynamic
7x Shure SM58, dynamic for vocals
7x Shure SM57, dynamic for drums and instruments
4x Shure SM81, condensor
EV RE-15, dynamic multi-purpose
2x Cable Factory Passive Direct Boxes
3x Countryman Type 85 FET Active Direct Boxes
2x Additional DI devices

Complete compliment of stands (20) and LP drum claws (9),
Snakes: 32 x 10 split 130ft, 16 x 4 100ft

The Original Mysterytrain PA System

Retired in 2010

Mackie 24x8x2 Mixing Board
2-Yamaha Club V Series S215V Dual 15″ Front Speakers
2-Yamaha Club V Series SM115V Monitors
2-Yamaha S7000 Power Amps
Lexicon MX2000 Dual Reverb Effects Processor
DBX 2231 31 Band Equalizer
Furman Power Conditioner