New Shows for 2015!

New Shows for 2015!
@ Sunsational Family Campground

Visit for venue information.

We will be adding more dates to our schedule in the coming months!

  • The Spring Campout, May 8 – 10
  • Cosmic Jam 7, June 18 – 21
  • Looney Moon, July 31 – August 2
  • Mysterytrain’s 7th Anniversary, September 18 – 20

Pricing, times, band schedules etc are all forthcoming!

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR it is….!

Hello, all! Gina here. Well, the day has finally arrived. I remember crying my face off when I found out Dan had to go in, and tomorrow is his release day. I am still in disbelief that this moment has finally arrived where I am typing the words “tomorrow is his release day.” Sit and absorb that for a minute.

We’ve come so far together as a band and we have very high hopes for the year to come. Nothing about our experience in Mysterytrain has been ordinary or easy, and we are expecting more of the same. However, there are some aspects of being on this journey together that have been very easy — sticking together, making music, and savoring the experience. It is almost a no-brainer at this point. Before meeting these fine people and all of you out there who come to the shows, I never thought I’d have friends like this. And now, here we are. AND also there’s music. I mean, really…what more could we ask for???

So, when our brother Dan returns to us, and gets himself settled in, we’re planning on having a full band meeting where amidst the hugging and the crying, we’ll also be planning our 2015 schedule. So sit tight…we’re going to throw this train into high gear. (Do trains have gears?)

Promoters interested in booking us should do so via email at or call 814-682-6811 and leave us a voicemail.

Lastly, due to a day off from work and a sudden streak of organizational fervor, I’m finally getting around to uploading the backlogged shows from 2014 to our archive page. I’ve already organized my whole desk and fixed some things around the house…might as well strike while the iron is hot! I can think of at least TWO people (ahem, Chuck and Wes) who have been patiently waiting for this. The status bar is crawling across Jacob’s screen as we speak….


(Yep, I just said that.)


A Mysterytrain New Year

This New Year’s Eve brings much to celebrate! First of all, a new venue has opened in Altoona called The Empire. We played there on December 6th and had a blast! The turnout was great and we anticipate another great turnout for this New Years’ Eve. So, join us on December 31st to bring in 2015!

Most importantly, our brother Dan Klock will be returning to us and his family on January 17th. So, from here on out it’s less than a month to go! (And nobody is more excited than Dan.)

We hope you all had a great holiday and that you’re staying warm and with the ones you love. We will see you either on New Years’ Eve and beyond!