Back on Track

Do we really need any more train puns? Nope. But we did need a new website, and here it is! You found it. Behold it’s many wonderful features…

Mysterytrain is now fully uploaded to, where we will be hosting our music from now on. All shows since the first sound check are available. Every section of the old site has been migrated over and updated, including new lyrics, gear, a band bio, photos, videos, and more! And don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Myspace, Rockpage, and Jambase. Everywhere you go, there we are!

New Material

We are pulling together a bunch of new material during the cold upcoming months. Check out our bar shows and catch the progress of the new songs.

We have a few special shows coming up as well. Halloween and New Years Eve are a few dates to look forward to if you’re diggin’ the Mysterytrain vibe.

In closing, we have always felt that you are the show. You have made the summer of 2009 truly unforgettable for our band. Thank you.