More Festivaaaaaallls!

Greetings to all you lovely folks out in festival land.

Gina here, just letting you know that we just listed a few more shows on our dates page, and they are definitely some of your old favorites. In addition to our own events, we will be seeing you all at the following mainstays of the scene –┬áBear’s Picnic, Jam Along the Creek, and Peace of Mind! Great headliners and great friends are ahead.

We will have ticketing and venue information when they are posted by the festival organizers. Just check the links on our dates page for more information. Of course, we’ll have Camp Mysterytrain’s usual outpost so let them know at the gate that you want to camp with us.

Summer is almost here, so be patient. (Even though I’m definitely NOT being patient. I miss the sun!)

See you in the field!